Weiners History

Weiners Training Development Academy was established in 2012 by Rhona Solomon with the aim of improving the standard of care in South Africa’s Health and Welfare industry. The company was created to meet the needs of the practitioners, care-givers, medical institutions and the recipients of healthcare, requiring that highly trained and caring staff are produced to form the base upon which this industry is built.
The quality of care was an important issue for Rhona, as her elderly mother required a care-giver, and she wanted to find the perfect person to perform that important function in her mother’s life. This personal experience inspired her to become involved in the industry and create an academy that could produce caring and nurturing individuals who would add value to the healthcare profession, while providing excellent training to ensure that students are able to find work that they enjoy upon completion of their studies.

Partnerships & Accreditations



We strive to provide students with the highest standard of training in order to be equipped with the skills needed to work in the health and welfare industry, so as to add value to society in a positive way. We are passionate about up-skilling communities to create a competitive and productive workplace through the individuals who train at our academy.


We endeavour to reach our vision by providing an environment that promotes the importance of skills development and expresses the necessity for care-givers to be fully trained in all aspects of healthcare, while ensuring that they build a nurturing and caring spirit that will allow them to carry out their work with excellence.



Our Values

  • Care, Dignity and Compassion for every person.
  • Respect and Appreciation for Students, Staff Members, Associates and Clients.
  • Excellence and Determination to be the best Training Provider in the country and abroad.
  • Teamwork, Perseverance and Patience in working together diligently towards a common Goal.
  • Focus and Discipline towards improving the Quality of Education and Training.
  • Creativity and Innovation towards acquiring Competency within the industry.
  • Honesty and Integrity in Weiners’ dealings.




Weiners - Where Passion Becomes Profession

WTDA Campus Sandton
Office: 011 656 0606
Whatsapp:072 169 6268
Campus Address: Wendywood Shopping Centre, 1st Floor,
Darwin Roads, Wendywood, Sandton, 2090

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